Nodon Contact sensor.

Combined with its magnet, the sensor detects the « Open » or « Closed » status of the panel (Door or window).

The most obvious usage is to monitor a door.

Install EnOcean stuff

A EnOcean USB dongle is needed and a EnOcean software should be installed once.

Look at the dedicated sheet to install the EnOCean USB key and the dedicated software.

Register the sensor

On the back, you can find the learn button.


Press it.

A new node will be created (you get notified to refresh the browser to see it on the workspace).

The Number on the right is a unique identifier of the sensor

Build the flow

This node provides contact information on the flow: - msg.payload contains the status - msg.message contains a message for a human

Lets use the Display node to see the result:

Distance sensor/magnet needs to be 5mm max

Arrow position needs to be between the two reference lines:


Each time the magnet and the sensor are separated, the flow generates the event:

Lets now use the Debug node to see the technical internal content of the flow.

Edit the Debug Node to display the complete msg:

In the Display panel,

  • msg.payload 1 means open
  • msg.payload 0 means close

How to use the sensor

Some ideas to use this sensor:

  • Send an email when the contact gets opens
  • Turn a light red when open, green when closed

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