Now that Node-RED is a core part of Raspbian Jessie has that changed things or are you going to provide an update?

NodeRED in Jessie is a great news for all since it will promote our favorite tool.

NodeRED in jessie as little to do with the Thingbox because it is targeted to Pi users (who knows how to SSH, how to npm install…) while the Thingbox is targeted to non programmers, eliminating all programming stuff.

The Thingbox provides NodeRED but also a lot of additional features (as MQTT server…) . In fact, The Thingbox is much more that “NodeRED on Pi”.

I have many raspberry-pis, is it possible to use thethingbox on every raspberry-pi ?

It's possible but you need to change the name. Each name is available for only one raspberry-pi. So choose a name for each raspberry-pi.

To change their name, use the settings page from the main menu.

What can I do if I lost my flow?

Sometime the flow is lost due to some fail somewhere.

There is a backup of your previous deploy automatically done by Node-RED.


There is a menu “Restore the flows” that brings the backup back that may solve the problem.

Is the hour updated?

The Pi hour is updated at boot time and if the network goes on. It is not updated on a regular basis.

How did you generate this beautiful documentation ?

We use Maven, with the reflow plugin

NFC tag reader

TimeSquair contains a NFC tag reader.

It reads the folowing tags:

  • 14443B
  • Felica tag
  • ISO 15693
  • ISO 14443-4A
  • ISO 14443-4B
  • Mifare Classic tag
  • Mifare Ultralight tag ou équivalent
  • P2P initiator
  • P2P Target

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