The ThingBox Project

Use Internet of Things technologies
without any technical knowledge and for free

The idea

The Internet of Things technologies installed and running on a Raspberry Pi, easy to use with a graphical interface
The ThingBox provides the Internet of Thing
technologies to all of us, ready and easy to use.
What is the Thingbox

The ThingBox is a set of software already installed and configured.

The ThingBox allows anyone to graphically create new unlimited applications interacting with connected objects from a simple web-browser.

Dedicated to
  • For non-technical people, this site provides in a single easy step a graphical interface to take fully advantage the Internet of Things.
  • For technical people, the ThingBox is a ready to use device released under the WTFPL licence (the WTFPL is a very permissive license for software and other scientific or artistic works that offers a huge degree of freedom).
    Use it to build you projects. There is no associated licence fee.
What the Thingbox is NOT

The ThingBox is not a (yet another) new home automation box. It's purpose is to help create new usages that go far beyond the home automation.

Why the Raspberry Pi?

You need a full time running computer. And it cannot be in the cloud since it should be near the things you want to manage. Although an ordinary computer can be used for this, many people prefer the tiny, affordable Raspberry-Pi.


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How to get a Thingbox

Build your own or buy an already built one

Build your Thingbox ...

Just download and install the ThingBox image file to a Raspberry-Pi, a tiny computer that you can buy in many shops. More in the documentation.

Use the links below to download the image file (free).

The image is FOR PI2 ONLY. Do not try to use it with Pi1 or Pi3 or Pi zero, it will not work.

Image File for Pi 2

Version 1.8.6
Release date
2016 march 21

... or buy one!

You can buy an already built Thingbox in a third party product.

TimeSquAir is a ThingBox packaged with a LED Matrix and a tag reader for educational purposes.

It contains a complete computer (Raspberry Pi2) with a SDCard inside with Thingbox software, a LED Matrix, a tag reader.

All components are wired in a white box, ready to plug and play, with its user guide and tutorials illustrating each example. The package also contains five Tags to build your own applications, an Internet access cable, a sound cable, a power cable.

Read more about it here:


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