Nodon temperature sensor.

This sensor sends the temperature of a room with a precision below 0.2°C, and a measure range from 0°C to 40°C. The sensor checks the temperature every 100sec. If the temperature changed for more than 0.5°C compare to previous value, the new temperature is sent to the Gateway. Without any variation, the temperature is sent every 15 minutes.

Install EnOcean stuff

A EnOcean USB dongle is needed and a EnOcean software should be installed once: Installing EnOcean Stuff.

Register the sensor

On the back, you can find the learn button.

Press it.

A new node will be created (you get notified to refresh the browser to see it on the workspace).

The Number on the right is a unique identifier of the sensor

Build the flow

This node provides temperature information on the flow: - msg.payload contains the value - msg.message contains a message for a human

Lets use the Display node to see the result:

Lets now use the debug node to see the technical internal content of the message flow.

Use the tutorial Dashboard to add the dashboard nodes and use a chart node:

How to use the sensor

Some other ideas to use this sensor:

  • Create a chart with the values by sending them to
  • trigger a red light is the temperature goes over an alert value

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