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This tutorial shows how to build a simple chart on the cloud with a simple node that sends values to the cloud.

Here how the result looks like:

For this tutorial, we use the IoT Bluemix cloud from IBM and a node also provided by IBM to send datas.

Install the nodes

Click the right menu in the Node-RED web page. Choose Manage Palette then Install.

  • Type nohttps://github.com/ubidots/ubidots-nodered/archive/master.zip in the edit box and click the OK button.

THIS WONT WORK with the new install of NodeRED !!!

  • Wait for the install

This imports a third party software. The installation may take minutes (a progress bar shows the progress), depending on what is already installed on your device.

At the end, click the reboot button to restart the device.

Now you can find the node undidots_out in the palette (use the filter to find it):

Drag’n drop it on the workspace, and double click it to set parameters:

Just fill the values from you Ubidots account:

  • Auth Token: go to Account profile, API Key, Create token
  • Device is Variable ID: go to source, choose add and get the ID of the newly created source.

Use it with an Enocean temperature sensor

Install Enocean stuff as described in the Enocean documentation.

You also need a dedicated dongle:

But then you can include a temperature sensor by pressing its LEARN button (learn more about this in the dedicated documentation “Temperature sensor”):

Nodon temperature sensor.

A node will pop on the workspace. Use it to build the following flow:

And get the following charts (from a sensor taken out of the fridge):

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